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Sea lines: on board regulations

Approved by Provincial Council decision n° 28 dd. 22/04/2004

Trieste Trasporti Ltd. recommends that travellers always use all the necessary safety precautions to guarantee the safety of people under their care and all other passengers beside their own, and advises passengers to pay maximum attention during boarding and offboarding operations, following the crew’s instructions and refraining from running in the docking areas and on gangways, which may be slippery when wet.

Suitcases, bags, backpacks and all bulky objects (which may only be boarded if authorized by the Captain) must be left in the luggage compartments and, if exceeding the standard size (25x30x50), an additional ticket – the same applicable to bicycles – must be purchased.

The number of bicycles and scooters allowed onboard passenger lines and the boarding and transport conditions are established by previous authorization of the Port authority.

Access and transport of pets is allowed on Trieste Trasporti’s sealines if compliant with the following standards and limitations:

  • Dogs are allowed on board only on a leash and muzzle;
  • Guide dogs for the blind travel for free on all routes;
  • No ticket is required for small dogs if placed in carriers of the allowed sizes (25x30x50) and kept inside them on board at all times;
  • Only a maximum of two dogs is allowed on board at any time, and no more than one medium/large size dog per person (except for guide dogs for the blind);
  • Free transport of other pets is allowed in carriers of the allowed sizes if kept inside them at all times and up to a maximum of 1 pet per person;
  • Owners are accountable for any damage caused by pets to the ship’s appliances or to any other object or person. The Company declines any responsibility connected with such damage.

Passengers are bound to comply with the following rules and regulations:

  • Reserved seats for passengers with disabilities must be kept free (as per art. 27 of Law 30.3.1971, n° 118), and old age pensioners, pregnant women and children must be helped on board;
  • Boarding and offboarding is not allowed during docking operations;
  • Never board or unboard by climbing over parapets;
  • Do not lean overboard at any time;
  • Do not cross into areas where access to passengers is forbidden;
  • Do not rest feet on seats or parapets;
  • No peddling or disturbing passengers is allowed on board at any time; touching or damaging onboard equipment and appliances is forbidden, and fire extinguishers, lifeboats and lifesaving appliances in particular must never be tampered with.

In case of non-compliance to the above regulations, the sanctions established by Regional Law 07.05.1997 n° 20 and subsequent modifications will be applied.

Smoking is forbidden on all passenger sealines and ferries.

Official timetables are approved by the Trieste Provincial Administration in its capacity as service conceding institution, and are displayed in docking areas.

Timetables and routes variations will be promptly communicated to passengers when authorized by the conceding institution.

The single ticket, except for specific provisions, is only valid for one specific route and will not be refunded or replaced.

Yearly travel cards are only valid for the current year.

Season travel cards are only valid for the specific season and must be used within the current year.
Tickets must be kept during travel at all times until offboarding in case of inspections by the company’s personnel.

Inspections by the company’s personnel may also take place off board the ships in the docking areas during offboarding operations.

Children below the height of 1 metre are allowed on board free up to a maximum of 3 children for one accompanying person.

Sanctions according to Regional Law L. R. 20/97 and subsequent modifications will be applied to passengers found on board without a valid ticket.

Trieste Trasporti Ltd. declines all responsibility for any delays due to circumstances beyond its control or excessive number of passengers.
In presence of fog or in case of bad weather or heavy sea, transport may be delayed or partially or totally cancelled.
Trieste Trasporti Ltd. apologizes with passengers for the inconvenience caused in these cases.
The captain may decide to cease or slow navigation down, or make an unscheduled stop at any time if passengers’ safety is at risk.

The number of passengers allowed onboard must never exceed the amount established for that particular ship by the Italian Naval Register.

The captain must suspend the crossing and demand that exceeding passengers leave the ship before resuming navigation.

Possible disputes will be dealt with according to current Italian legislation.
The Trieste city court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.