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Bicycle transport on tramway

biciOn tram carriages marked with a specific sign, transport of max. 6 bicycles is allowed on limited rides on Saturdays and Sundays (leaving piazza Oberdan at 09:11, 10:11 and 11:11), in addition to the 3 bicycles allowed to be transported every day in the appropriate outside compartment.

Passengers wishing to transport bicycles on the tramway will need to follow the rules listed below:

  • Bicycles will be boarded on and off trams only at the Piazza Oberdan and Opicina termina.
  • Bicycles will be allowed only in the appropriate platforms before boarding trams, and then placed on racks.
  • Only one bike per person is allowed on board.
  • Passengers boarding bikes must validate two tickets.
  • Tandems are not allowed on board.
  • Access to the bike platform in Opicina is restricted to authorized staff.
  • Passengers must board bikes on and off the tram themselves and make sure they are correctly placed on racks, as the company declines any responsibility on possible damages to car appliances or other passengers and their bikes resulting from the passenger’s negligence.