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Euro4, Euro5, and EEV

After the presentation of the new 12 metre Mercedes Citaro buses, recently held in Piazza Unità, a further batch of EEV diesel Irisbus vehicles is being acquired.

A number of these buses are already running on a few lines: they are easily recognizable by the company’s pale-blue custom paint.

What does EEV mean?

EEV is an acronym for “Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle, defining vehicles producing emissions with levels below those established by current legislation.

The table below shows EEV vehicles’ improved levels of emissions compared to Euro4 and Euro5 vehicles. A particularly striking feature of this kind of vehicles is the very low level of emissions of both fumes and particles.

ESC/ELR Test Cycle
Euro 4 Euro 5 EEV
CO 1,50 g/kWh 1,50 g/kWh 1,50 g/kWh
HC 0,46 g/kWh 0,46 g/kWh 0,25 g/kWh
NOx 3,50 g/kWh 2,00 g/kWh 2,00 g/kWh
PM 0,02 g/kWh 0,02 g/kWh 0,02 g/kWh
Fumes 0,50 m-1 0,50 m-1 0,15 m-1

Car fleet renewal

The purchase of highly technological environmentally-friendly vehicles was part of a car fleet renewal plan which led to the acquisition of 348 new vehicles from 2001 to 2010.