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Code of ethics

Model of Organization as per D. Lgs. N. 231/2001

The Italian Law D. Lgs. (legislative decree) n. 231 of June, 8th, 2001 has established corporate liability in cases of infringements committed or attempted by any company administrator, employee, executive or auditor in the interest or to the advantage of the company itself; this will be considered additional to the strict liability of whomever has actually committed the infringement.

Corporate liability will only be levied if proof exists that the company, before the infringement was committed, had actually established models of organization, management and control in order to effectively prevent such infringement.

In compliance with the above decree, and inspired by the guidelines provided by ASSTRA on the establishment of models, in order to guarantee full transparency and honesty in the running of corporate affairs, a resolution by the TRIESTE TRASPORTI Ltd. Board of directors has established the adoption of a Code of Ethics and the foundation of a Supervisory Board.